Quanta Pay is the payment interface to Quanta’s ecosystem of dapps and apps.

You can use Quanta Pay to interact with Quanta-built and integrated 3rd party products and services.

Quanta Pay is:

  • A crypto wallet – Load Quanta Pay with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, QNTX and all accepted ERC20 tokens
  • A cryptocurrency management platform – Manage your crypto simply and intuitively
  • A non-custodial wallet – You keep 100% control of private keys
  • a payment gateway – Make payments in BTC, ETH, any integrated ERC20 token or FIAT

All Quanta Pay’s features are:

  • Transparent – Easily check transaction logs on public and private blockchains
  • Easy to use – Quanta Pay is simple to log in to and no registration is needed to launch the app
  • Accessed after a single sign-on – Use a single digital ID to access all Quanta built and 3rd party products and services
  • Fast – Interaction between Quanta Pay and integrated applications is as fast as the blockchain can be
  • Always free – Quanta Pay is always free to download and install
  • Safe and Secure – Quanta Pay is protected with a 5-digit pin with encrypted private keys backed up with a 12-word passphrase

Quanta Pay’s communicates with all integrated products and services via its API service:

  • Quanta Pay interfaces with private blockchains – gives you access to multiple products and services and reduces transaction costs
  • Quanta Pay is integrated with multiple payment gateways – you can top up cryptocurrencies using a variety of methods including BTC, ETH